When Jumpei Taneda finds out he has a fertility problem, he begins to have clairvoyant flashes that mysteriously lead him to cicada shells. Jumpei's inability to have children causes him to become a father-figure to his sister Nanaka's young son Ryota, who is being bullied at school. Nanaka and her gambling-addict husband decide to throw a birthday party for Ryota in hopes of changing his classmates' perception of him. Unfortunately, no one shows up to the party except the quirky cast of adults in Ryota's life, and it is here that secrets are revealed and chaos ensues.

Cicada is the first feature film from the team that created the award-winning short films Jitensha and Persimmon. Their work has screened at the Venice Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, and Aspen Shortsfest and won awards at the Heartland Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and Sapporo Shortfest.


Cast & Crew

    • Dean Yamada

      Dean Yamada

    • Yu Shibuya

      Yu Shibuya

      Writer and Producer
    • Yugo Saso

      Yugo Saso

      "Jumpei Taneda"
    • Daniel McNutt

      Daniel McNutt

    • Dana Niu

      Dana Niu

    • Masayuki Yui

      Masayuki Yui

    • Michael Asmus

      Michael Asmus

    • Tiffany Castro

      Tiffany Castro

      Art Director
    • Lydia Dunham

      Lydia Dunham

      1st Asst Director & Post Production Supervisor
    • Alex Kabelitz

      Alex Kabelitz

      2nd AD & Post Production Supervisor
    • Joey Kennedy

      Joey Kennedy

      Key Grip
    • Sakae Kimura

      Sakae Kimura

      "Susumu Niikura"
    • Angela Kwan

      Angela Kwan

      Sound Designer
    • Dani Light

      Dani Light

    • Matthew Little

      Matthew Little

    • Rick Lopez

      Rick Lopez

      Production Sound Mixer
    • Showgo Ookawa

      Showgo Ookawa

    • Erika Pontius

      Erika Pontius

      Script Supervisor
    • Andrew Rurik

      Andrew Rurik

    • Jed Saba

      Jed Saba

      Boom Operator
    • Houten Saito

      Houten Saito

    • Trevor Smith

      Trevor Smith

      1st AC
    • Zack Smith

      Zack Smith

    • Hitomi Takimoto

      Hitomi Takimoto

      "Yukari Ichinose"
    • Rachel van der Merwe

      Rachel van der Merwe

    • Hiroko Wada

      Hiroko Wada

      "Nanaka Ashiwara"
    • Jumpei Yasui

      Jumpei Yasui

      "Masaki Ashiwara"




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